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Skin Care Regime

The past couple of years my love of makeup is apparent with all the colours, products and trends I have posted or worn. Lately, my focus has been on skin care. As to the change, I do not know if it is to do with my ageing or the fact that without good skin, it does not matter what kind of makeup you put on your face, it will not look good.

When I lived in Korea, I was acutely aware of their products and how diligent Koreans were/are about their skin regiments. As a teacher, I would receive whitening products from Chanel and chastised for even a slight tan. I wished I would have taken advantage of their products, because Korean skin care and their "steps" are very much the popular choice and current trend.

Morning Routine

Currently, my morning routine changed from splashing cold water on the face and maybe some moisturiser, to thorough cleansing and moisturising.

Morning Cleanse -  Farmacy Green Clean, makeup melting cleansing balm

Toner-  Indie Lee Co Q10 toner,

Drunk Elephant…

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